2021 Annual CS Research Symposium!

Mark your calendars — it’s time for the 6th annual Undergrad Research Symposium!!!!! This is the biggest undergrad research event of the year. Get excited because you're about to get a taste of research in the department and take a peek at what's happening behind (virtual) closed doors in the CIT. We're so excited to be hosting this all-day event on Tuesday, April 13th, 2021! and hope to see you there!

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Spring 2021 Research Opportunities

We maintain a dynamic list of currently-available research opportunities within the department. There are openings both for course credit and for pay. If you plan on applying to an opportunity, we ask that you follow the faculty's instructions on the spreadsheet and do some background research on your own first.

If you need help applying or want to chat more about research in general, feel free to email us!

MURA Hours

We hold open hours every Friday from 12-1 pm ET. Stop by with research questions, or even just to say hi! If this time doesn't work for you and you'd like to schedule a separate meeting, please contact us!

MURA Calendar

This calendar is the constantly-updating one-stop shop to see what the MURA's are up to. Use it to see when our hours are, double-check event timings, or even just to find out when we're free to chat!

This site is a work in progress. Click here to go to the CS Department's Official Research Page.